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We have years of experience offering irrigation and sprinkler repair services to local business owners and residents. If you need free estimates for any of our irrigation services, please call our office today at (480) 933-7763.

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As a full-service landscaping company, our Lush Landscaping Scottsdale services team provides reliable irrigation repair services to clients throughout Scottsdale, Arizona. Whether you use a drip irrigation system, sprinkler system, or any other type of irrigation system, we can repair leaks, faults, and other problems.

Irrigation Repair Scottsdale, AZ

Drip irrigation systems are excellent for conserving water. If you use irrigation to water your plants, lawn, and other landscape features, it’s essential to contact a professional irrigation system repair team if you run into problems. Whether it’s a leak or mechanical issue, our team at Lush Landscaping Scottsdale is here to make the repair process straightforward.

We’ll inspect your drip system to determine the root cause of your landscape watering problems. Next, we’ll fix your irrigation problem or replace any faulty pipes, tubes, or mechanical components. We can offer our irrigation repair to residents and business owners in Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, East Valley, and the Phoenix Metropolitan area. We also provide irrigation installs to clients that require new irrigation systems. Call today to discuss any of our irrigation services.

Sprinkler Repair Scottsdale, AZ

If you use a sprinkler system to water your yard or plants, we also offer full-service sprinkler repair solutions. We can repair all sprinkler brands and designs, and we’re also happy to replace faulty components if your sprinkler system is no longer viable. We start all our sprinkler repair services by inspecting your sprinkler system to determine the cause of any faults or leaks. Once we identify the parts of your system impacted by the issue, we’ll quickly begin repairs to ensure that you have access to your landscape’s water supply. We can also offer sprinkler installation services to Scottsdale residents that require new sprinkler systems. If you’d like to discuss sprinkler repair or installation, call our office today.


Scottsdale Water-Wise Landscaping Design

At Lush Landscaping Scottsdale, we also provide water-wise landscape design services that can help you reduce water waste. When we design landscapes for our Scottsdale clients, we always use design features and strategies that require less water. We also offer irrigation and sprinkler system installations that will make your property more environmentally friendly. Contact our team at Lush Landscaping Scottsdale if you’d like to discuss irrigation and landscape design strategies that can help you reduce water intake.

Landscaping Scottsdale Cost—Irrigation Repair Prices

If you’re worried about the cost of fixing your irrigation system or sprinkler system, it’s time to contact Lush Landscaping Scottsdale. We offer the most affordable irrigation repair services in the Scottsdale region. We’re more than happy to provide upfront pricing to all our clients, and we never charge our customers for estimates.

If you want to compare our irrigation repair prices against other local landscaping companies, please contact our office today.

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