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If you’re searching for experienced landscape architects to transform your outdoor living spaces, our team at Lush Landscaping Scottsdale is here to help. As full-service landscape contractors, we provide premium landscape design solutions to local business owners and residents.

Landscape Design Company—Scottsdale Area

At Lush Landscaping Scottsdale, we offer a wide range of professional landscaping design services to Scottsdale residents and business owners. We work closely with our clients to ensure we implement their design priorities into a final product. Below are some of our standard landscape design services.

Tropical Plants Landscaping Scottsdale

If you’re searching for a tropical landscape design aesthetic, we can source tropical plants and water features. Our team has considerable experience creating tropical oases for clients throughout Scottsdale. There’s no limit to our tropical landscape designs.

Desert Landscaping Scottsdale

If you want to take advantage of a sleek desert aesthetic, our desert landscape design team is here to help. Many Scottsdale residents enjoy the natural beauty of desert landscapes. We can help you incorporate local design concepts influenced by Arizona’s topography.

Custom Landscaping Scottsdale

If you have custom landscaping requirements, we can meet your demands. Besides creating attractive landscapes, we can also design outdoor living spaces that create functional entertainment areas for your family. Whether you’re searching for outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, canopies, or any other exterior landscape accessories, we can help.

Landscape Design

Landscape Lighting Design Scottsdale

If you want to take advantage of artificial lighting, we can develop subtle landscape lighting designs that can impact your outdoor space’s ambiance. Call us today if you’d like to discuss how we can incorporate lighting into your natural landscape.

If you’d like more information about our landscape design service lines, don’t hesitate to contact our Lush Landscaping Scottsdale team. We’re always available to answer landscaping design questions from residents and business owners in our service area.

Create Beautiful Scottsdale Landscape Designs With Lush Landscaping Scottsdale

There’s no need to settle for second-best when you have Lush Landscaping Scottsdale by your side. Our team of landscape design professionals is eager to create beautiful outdoor spaces that improve curb appeal, property functionality, water efficiency, and more. We have experience with a wide range of design influences, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have niche requests.

Commercial Landscape Design Scottsdale

If you own a small business or commercial property, its landscape’s design is an essential component of its value. Whether you’re trying to impress clients or create a welcoming environment for staff, it’s critical to hire a professional landscape design team to develop your commercial landscape.

Unlike other professional landscape design teams in Scottsdale, we have the resources to develop large commercial spaces. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to revamp your small business’s landscaping.

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If you’re looking for the most reliable commercial landscaping Scottsdale has to offer, pick up the phone and contact Lush Landscaping Scottsdale at (480) 933-7763. We’re a one-stop-shop for commercial landscape solutions in our service area. If you’re ready to discuss your small business’s needs, the best Scottsdale landscaping company is here to discuss! If you have any questions about our commercial services, please call our office (480) 933-7763 —we’re here to answer questions for Scottsdale business owners and commercial property owners.


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